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We are passionate about staying ahead of the curve and harnessing our skills to give you tailored software solutions that help you work beyond boundaries and grow your bottom-line


To inspire the world through digital innovation and value creation


  • We collaborate with Working Partners, not Employees
  • They are of utmost importance to us, and our clients are of utmost importance to them
  • We build trust and confidence, not products
  • We innovate to differentiate
  • Simplicity, Flexibility and Integrity are our key drivers

Bringing change and opportunity

Avonet is the brainchild of a guy with a knack for sales and three regular engineers with irregular ambition, over 10 years of industry experience each and drive, who together, have each been neck-deep in software development for over ten years. The company was born as a result of one unifying ambition, possibly the only thing we all had in common – incubating ideas to create products that add value.

Our story goes back to 2012, when Thilina, Sachith, Manj and Chandana started Avonet to retail licensed software products with customised solutions. A simple observation played a pivotal role in changing the company’s direction: technology has transformed how we live and do things, but many organisations have failed to infuse these developments into their core business functions.

This realisation led our band of brothers to create a vision to transform Avonet into a leader who would inspire, innovate and add value to clients locally and internationally.

We pride ourselves in not having employees, but Working Partners who share our vision and commitment. We started off with a great bunch of freelancers who went on to become full-time cogs in the Avonet wheel. Our culture stems from an almost crazy passion for innovation and enthusiasm for freedom. And, work isn’t about individual effort, but a team effort where every Working Partner contributes with their expertise.

Together, we are on an amazing journey learning, innovating, having fun and in turn helping our clients improve their business processes.

The fuel that drives us to reach for the stars lies in our eight core values. They are

We have been trusted to deliver during the tightest of deadlines with zero glitches, guaranteed to make you look good.

We obsess over our Working Partners, and they, over our clients. Some call it maniacal, we call it love.

Whether we work with lines of code or pixels, perfection lies in the details.

Innovation is something that permeates our daily life, in the office and outside. You’ll see it in everything we do, even when kicking back after a hard day’s work.

We are well versed in quite a few areas of software engineering, thus are able to easily bridge gaps left by other vendors during an implementation process. We can even help customize ‘off the shelf’ products to fit your organizations needs.
Value creation

We are not about selling you a software product, but a solution that will seamlessly integrate with your processes, making your life easier. It will bump up your bottom-line too. Ask them. (hyperlink to portfolio).

We nurture a culture where every Working Partner contributes with his/her ideas, no matter how far-fetched. This keeps our creative juices flowing and builds a climate where we all grow professionally, make new friends and even shoot each other up on Call of Duty.

Balance is at the core of everything we do, be it manual/automation or working/living life. This ensures our Working Partners are at the top of their game every time.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders


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